4 Transformers We Hope Make It To The Big Screen

Transformers: The Movie, UnicronHasbro/DEG

If you enjoy the robot-on-robot action the Transformers films have brought to theaters, you’re anticipating what new characters will make an appearance in this summer’s Age of Extinction.


He’s the most frightening Transformer of all. Unicron is a robotic planet that eats other planets. The monster transcends Autobot and Decepticon as he is a threat to everything in existence.

Unicron made his debut in The Transformers: The Movie, the 1986 animated adaptation. Voiced by the legendary Orson Welles, Unicron was and is the ultimate bad guy in the Transformers universe. There is a strong possibility he is the antagonist in Michael Bay’s newest sequel.


The new leader of the Decepticons is actually the old leader. A defeated and near-dead Megatron was transformed to Galvatron, a shinier, newer and more destructive robot. His creator? Unicron.

Does this sound familiar? Wasn’t Megatron decapitated at the end of Dark of the Moon? If Unicron is in Age of Extinction, there is a good chance we could see Galvatron as well.


True, we have already technically seen two Devastators in Bay’s films. The first one was a random tank in film one and the second was a massive combination of construction vehicles in Revenge of the Fallen that couldn’t move.

We need a Devastator more faithful to the original. A fearsome, overpowering robot that makes Autobots nervous at the mere mention of it being around.

Hot Rod

He’s the least accepted Autobot simply because he took over the leadership void left by Optimus Prime after he died in the 1986 movie. Hot Rod actually did a good job. But he’s not leadership material.

Hot Rod answered the call when necessary. In Bay’s films, Hot Rod could be a valuable asset to Autobots in need since so many major ones have died throughout the years.