7 Disney Villains Who Are Bae

There’s just something about Disney villains, we love to hate them and we hate that we love them. Though they may evoke terror and instill fear into the hearts of their respective kingdoms, here are 7 Disney villains who are bae. 

1. Maleficent


She’s a mean, green sass-machine who is also one of Disney’s most graceful (and terrifying) baddies. We give her mad props for crashing parties and cursing peasants because she does it all with grace and poise. Plus, she’s played by Angelina Jolie in her own movie. #Baddie

2. Gaston


Ugh, Gaston, you may be the cockiest son of a gun…but we kind of love you. Mostly, we just love your self-titled tune and the fact that you can eat five dozen eggs–we don’t necessarily love the fact that you’re a massive creep.

3. Lucifer


This kitty’s got some serious ‘tude! Lucifer is definitely the quietest villain in Disney’s collection, but  he lives for terrorizing Cinderella‘s good-hearted mice friends. When he’s not wrecking havoc, he just eats and finds zero f*cks to give. He is our spirit animal.

4. Si and Am 


Keeping in the cat family, this dynamic duo is often overlooked; possibly because there only true act of villainy is making a mess and blaming an innocent cocker spaniel. But they’re CUTE! (Yes, we’re cat people, okay?!)

5. Cruella de Vil


As possibly one of the most certifiably insane villains, we’re not sure WHAT this woman’s problem is…and we definitely don’t condone her weird obsession with killing puppies. That being said, she rocks the two-tone hair like she just don’t care and has impeccable fashion. We just wish those furs were faux!

6. Hades


Who knew that the god of the Underworld would be so cool? Technically, he’s on fire, but in terms of personality this guy is smart, witty, sarcastic and all-around a good time. He remains one of Disney’s funniest characters to date! After all if you’re bae can’t make you laugh then what do you even have?!

7. Yzma


Let’s be real: When we first saw The Emperor’s New Groove, Yzma stole the show. She’s feisty, fierce and oh-so fabulous. She has big career ambitions (rule the kingdom), a detailed action plan (murder the emperor in order to rule the kingdom), and even has a little bit of arm candy in the form of Kronk. (Hey boo!) She’s clearly a well-rounded gal.