7 Fuzzy Facts You Never Knew About ‘101 Dalmatians’

It’s been 20 years since Disney’s live-action film, 101 Dalmatians hit theaters with Glenn Close killing the game as the diabolical Cruella De Vil. Who would have thought it would take almost two decades for Disney to begin revisiting the live-action game? In celebration of one of Disney’s most notorious villains and for our lovely furry friends, here are 7 fuzzy facts you never knew about 101 Dalmations. 

1. Glenn Close initially turned down the role of Cruella De Vil.


Close was doing Sunset Boulevard on Broadway when the film was being cast so producers offered the role to Sigourney Weaver who also declined. Actress Cathy Moriarty did a screen test for the role, but Disney felt that she was too frightening for a children’s film. Luckily, by the time producers circled back around to Close, she was free.

2. All of Cruella’s luscious furs are FAKE.


Glenn Close insisted upon it.

3. The dogs on set were literally terrified of Close dressed as Cruella.


They would slink away when she appeared on set in full costume, hair and makeup.

4. 230 puppies and 20 adult dalmatians were used for filming.


Waaaay more that 101.

5. Jeff Daniels‘ face was constantly covered in hot dog water. 


It was the only way the crew could get the dogs to lick his face on cue.

6. John Hughes wrote the script for the film and made more off of 101 Dalmations than any other film in his entire career.


It’s because he got a cut of the merchandising and 17,000 items of merchandising were produced in support of the film.

7. The live action version was released 35 years after the original.


The animated film was released back on January 25, 1961.