8 ’90s Movies That Epitomize The Perfect Childhood Summer

With the start of summer just a few short weeks away, we thought we would reflect on some of the best summer movies that helped shaped our childhood. For nostalgic purposes only, here are 8 ’90s movies that epitomize the perfect childhood summer.

It Takes Two
Ashley Olsen, Mary-Kate Olsen, It Takes Two, Warner Bros, Everett, 051516
Warner Bros/Everett
If you were a child during the '90s, then you know that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen ruled movie theaters, VHS tapes and TV screens . One of their best films was 1995's It Takes Two. A classic switcheroo flick that takes place mostly at a summer camp, the film followed Alyssa, a lonely rich girl and Amanda and orphaned tomboy, who decide to trade places in order to give their parental figures a chance at love. Kirstie Alley also stars in the film that made us all appreciate the greatness of a delicious Sloppy Joe sandwich. Check out the trailer here.
Free Willy
Jason James Richter, Free Willy, Warner Bros, 051516
Warner Bros.
With Michael Jackson on the soundtrack, how could Free Willy not be iconic? The film tells the story of a young orphan boy named Jesse, who spends his summer training and befriending a young Orca whale named Willy; eventually freeing him from the horrors of captivity. Childhood summers were spent learning about the world, (the good and bad), and deciding who we were going to be as people. Check out the trailer for this inspirational story here.
The Parent Trap
Lindsay Lohan, The Parent Trap, Disney, 051516
The Parent Trap is another perfect switcharoo film. Lindsay Lohan stars as 11-year old twin girls Hallie and Annie, who meet at one of the best summer camps we've ever seen in film, and figure out a way to bring their estranged parents together. The late Natasha Richardson and Dennis Quaid round out the cast in this lovely film which makes you believe that anything is possible in summer. Watch the trailer for the film here.
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Crooklyn, Universal, Everett, 051516
Being the only girl in a family of five kids has to be exhausting, especially when school is out for the summer. Spike Lee's 1994 throwback joint Crooklyn, centers around Troy Carmichael, a 9-year old girl living in Brooklyn in the '70s. From trips to the bodega for ice cream to double-dutch and baseball on the streets of Brooklyn, the film reflects on all of the chaos, humor and love in the Carmichael family as they embark on the summer that would change their lives forever. For the soundtrack alone, the film is worth the watch. Watch the trailer here.
The Sandlot
The Sandlot, Everett, 20th Century Fox, 051516
20th Century Fox/Everett
The Sandlot is arguably one of the greatest films about childhood summer ever made. From sleepovers, s'mores, county fairs and scary movies, there is nothing about the film that doesn't scream summer. Through baseball, newcomer Scotty Smalls finds his place in his new neighborhood. Watch the trailer here.
Now and Then
Now and Then, New Line Cinema, 051616
New Line Cinema
One of the most important aspects of adolescences are the lifelong friendships that we make that help guide us from girlhood into adulthood. Now and Then follows a group of 30-something women who reflect on one unforgettable summer from their childhood. The film proves that one summer can change everything. It also proves that while time may cause you to grow apart, that doesn't mean that your true friends won't be there when you really need them.  Now and Then is nostalgic perfection. Check out the trailer here.
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The Baby-Sitters Club
The Baby-Sitters Club, Columbia, Everett, 051516
If you lived for Ann M. Martin's novels, then we know you were a huge fan of the 1995 film that brought the characters to the big screen. This '90s classic follows Kristy Thomas and her besties as they embark on a mission to their their babysitting services into a  full-fledged summer camp. More than that, The Baby-Sitters Club is about facing new issues as we grow from childhood to adolescence. It's also the time to discover who you want to be, while you're not actually being confined to a classroom. Watch the trailer here.
My Girl
Anna Chlumsky, Macaulay Culkin, My Girl, Columbia, 051615
After all of these years, Anna Chlumsky as 11-year old Vada in My Girl is still one of the best and most memorable summer films around. Set in 1972, the film follows Vada who has an morbid fascination with death and her BFF Thomas (Macaulay Culkin) during one pivotal summer that shapes her childhood. Just make sure you have some tissues ready, because as sunny and lighthearted as this film is, it will hit your right in the chest. Watch the trailer here.