A Boy and His Pet In ‘Pete’s Dragon’ Video Interview


Think about your childhood pet. You love it, you cherish it, it comforts you


Now instead of that dog/cat/goldfish/whaterver, it’s now a giant dragon that can fly, breath fire, and can go invisible. That’s what Elliot is to Pete. When Pete (Fegley) got lost in the forest, Elliot found him and basically helped raised him. 6 years later after a lumberjack named Gavin (Urban) started taking down trees near Pete, a forest ranger named Grace (Howard) rescued the boy.

In the above interview, Bryce Dallas HowardRobert RedfordWes BentleyKarl Urban, and Oakes Fegley take us into the world of Pete and his dragon and talk about the love between Pete and Elliot.


Pete’s Dragon releases on Friday, August 12, 2016.