About The Love and Loss in ‘The Light Between Oceans’ Video Interview



In Dreamworks’s ‘The Light Between Oceans’, a couple (Fassbender and Vikander) who reside in a lighthouse have been trying for a baby without any luck. One day, after yet a miscarriage, a boat arrives to their coast with a dead man and a live baby. They see this as a gift from god, and rather than reporting the baby, they claim it as their own. After years of happiness, they return to their town to discover a woman named Hannah (Weisz) had a husband and child who was lost at sea, and her lost child would be about the age of their child.

If that doesn’t sound like the saddest most awkward situation to be in, I don’t know what is. In the above interview, Alicia VikanderMichael FassbenderRachel Weisz discuss the tough decision the couple make, as well as how Hannah feels, and how tough decisions define them as characters and us as people.


The Light Between Oceans

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