20 Celebs You Didn’t Realize Were Over 50

Keanu Reeves
Maybe it's because we can't help but still think of him as Ted Logan, but Keanu Reeves sure looks youthful for a man about to turn 50.
Don Cheadle
The cool, handsome Cheadle looks young enough that his on-off House of Lies romance with the 34-year-old Kristen Bell doesn't seem too off base... and that's an accomplishment.
Sandra Bullock
If Sandra Bullock hadn't been the headline of every pop culture article last year, we'd never have known she was 50. But she sure does look swell for any age.
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Vanessa Williams
Beautiful Vanessa Williams somehow managed to turn 50 without anybody's knowledge. We're not even sure if she knows.
Marisa Tomei
Marisa Tomei's secret for looking so young: Positraction.
David Spade
Having built his celebrity on his childish looks and demeanor, it's hard to accept Joe Dirt as over 50.
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Julia Louis-Dreyfus
She spent the '90s as Elaine, the aughts as Old Christine, and is now serving as Selina Meyer. Throughout, Julia Louis-Dreyfus has barely aged a day.
Julianne Moore
20 years later, Julianne Moore looks young enough to go twister hunting all over again.
Christopher Meloni
We've spent many years right beside Meloni, watching him hunt down criminals on the New York streets. Still, he never quite seemed to age.
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Courteney Cox
Cox and Lisa Kudrow are the oldest of the Friends lot, but their looks hardly give that information away.
Ian Ziering
Speaking of Sharknado and 90210, Ziering too is 50... and what a mind-blower that is.
Gabrielle Carteris
Remember when we'd spend our nights down in 90210 with a young Gabrielle Carteris? She still looks young, but the pangs of nostalgia still sting.
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Lenny Kravitz
Yes, he's got a daughter who is old enough to star in YA movies... but man, how can Lenny Kravitz be 50?
Clive Owen
If we think back to his Chancer days, we might be more inclined to realize how much of our lives have been spent with Clive Owen. Still, he looks mighty good for 50.
Rob Lowe
He may have passed the 50 mark, but he'll always be that teenager in St. Elmo's Fire to us.
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Vivica A. Fox
Looking just as good in Sharknado 2 as she did back in Independence Day, Vivica A. Fox does not seem to have paid the passage of time much mind.
David Duchovny
You'd think all those years of hunting for the truth would have weighed more heavily on Duchovny, but he still looks great for over 50.
Robin Givens
Even when thinking about how much time has passed since her Head of the Class days, it doesn't seem feasible that Robin Givens could really be 50.
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Mads Mikkelsen
Sure, Mikkelsen comes off as polished and mature in his starring role on Hannibal, but he's god the dashing good looks of a much younger psychopath.
Djimon Hounsou
We saw Djimon Hounsou aim to shoot down a dancing Chris Pratt this summer. We'd have paired the two for peers, but Hounsou has a number of years on li'l Star Lord.