30 Actors You Didn’t Know Directed Movies

Jason Alexander
HIS MOVIE: The 1995 love triangle comedy 'For Better or Worse' and the 1999 coming-of-age comedy 'Just Looking.' CONSENSUS: We prefer him in Jerry's kitchen.
Tim Allen
HIS MOVIE: The 2010 reformed-ex-con comedy 'Crazy on the Outside.' CONSENSUS: No worse than any of the movies he's starred in lately.
Dan Aykroyd
HIS MOVIE: The 1991 screwball black comedy 'Nothing But Trouble.' CONSENSUS: This is one weird piece of work, Dan.
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Alec Baldwin
HIS MOVIE: The 2003 deal-with-the-Devil comedy 'Shortcut to Happiness.' CONSENSUS: Even Baldwin hated this one.
Matthew Broderick
HIS MOVIE: The 1996 Richard Feynman biopic 'Infinity.' CONSENSUS: Eh, it's better than his 'Godzilla' movie.
Nicolas Cage
HIS MOVIE: The 2002 solder-back-from-war crime drama 'Sonny.' CONSENSUS: Nicolas Cage directing James Franco doesn't get as weird as you might want it to.
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John Candy
HIS MOVIE: The 1994 George Wendt-goes-crazy TV movie 'Hostage for a Day.' CONSENSUS: Not quite the comic genius of "Everybody's doin' the mess around."
Bryan Cranston
HIS MOVIE: The 1999 finding-happiness drama 'Last Chance.' CONSENSUS: As described by Cranston himself, "It's really... cute."
Ice Cube
HIS MOVIE: The 1998 comedic thriller 'The Players Club.' CONSENSUS: More than one film critic has compared this to 'Showgirls,' so make of that what you will.
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Jeff Daniels
HIS MOVIE: The 2001 wildlife comedy 'Escanaba in the Moonlight' and the 2002 vacuum salesman comedy 'Super Sucker.' CONSENSUS: Hardly genius, but Daniels might have some talent.
Johnny Depp
HIS MOVIE: The 1997 qualms-of-a-snuff-film drama 'The Brave.' CONSENSUS: 'The Lone Ranger' wasn't the first assault Depp made on the American Indian community.
Jenna Fischer
HER MOVIE: The 2004 mockumentary 'LolliLove.' CONSENSUS: An interesting effort, but we prefer to remember her as Pam.
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Laurence Fishburne
HIS MOVIE: The 2000 wrong-side-of-the-tracks crime drama 'Once in the Life.' CONSENSUS: One of the better entries on this list, but Fishburne needs practice.
Morgan Freeman
HIS MOVIE: The 1993 apartheid drama 'Bopha!' CONSENSUS: A well-crafted, powerful story, and the sort we'd like to see Freeman do more of.
Cheryl Hines
HER MOVIE: The 2009 home invasion comedy 'Serious Moonlight.' CONSENSUS: A favorable cast couldn't save this clunker.
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Dustin Hoffman
HIS MOVIE: The 2012 classical music drama 'Quartet.' CONSENSUS: Almost too sophisticated for its own good.
Philip Seymour Hoffman
HIS MOVIE: The 2010 relationship dramedy 'Jack Goes Boating.' CONSENSUS: Hoffman had some good ideas here, but his directing doesn't compare to his indomitable acting.
Helen Hunt
HER MOVIE: The 2007 existential crisis drama 'Then She Found Me.' CONSENSUS: Not terrific, but sweet and peppy when it needs to be.
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Michael Keaton
HIS MOVIE: The 2008 domestic abuse drama 'The Merry Gentleman.' CONSENSUS: A fine movie, but an excellent title.
Martin Lawrence
HIS MOVIE: The 1996 romance/dark comedy 'A Thin Line Between Love and Hate.' CONSENSUS: Sub-'Black Knight' status.
Eddie Murphy
HIS MOVIE: The 1989 organized crime dramedy 'Harlem Nights.' CONSENSUS: Something of a cult classic, for what it's worth.
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Bill Murray
HIS MOVIE: The 1990 bank robbing comedy 'Quick Change.' CONSENSUS: Not a perfect showcase of Murray's skill... but kind of funny.
Edward Norton
HIS MOVIE: The 2000 priest-and-a-rabbi comedy 'Keeping the Faith.' CONSENSUS: A winner!
Gary Oldman
HIS MOVIE: The 1997 hard times drama 'Nil by Mouth.' CONSENSUS: An admirable glimpse into Oldman's celebrated intensity.
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Richard Pryor
HIS MOVIE: The 1986 autobiographical dramedy 'Jo Jo Dancer, Your Life Is Calling.' CONSENSUS: A jagged but affecting roman a clef.
Joan Rivers
HER MOVIE: The 1978 man-gets-pregnant comedy 'Rabbit Test.' CONSENSUS: Not her best work, but a hint at the sort of comedy she'd continue to give the world.
Mark Ruffalo
HIS MOVIE: The 2010 overcoming-tragic-illness drama 'Sympathy for Delicious.' CONSENSUS: Almost as insufferable as the title.
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Arnold Schwarzenegger
HIS MOVIE: The 1992 TV movie 'Christmas in Connecticut.' CONSENSUS: Just see it. You know you want to.
Tilda Swinton
HER MOVIE: The 2008 human rights documentary 'The New Ten Commandments.' CONSENSUS: Like Swinton herself, an important force to be reckoned with.
Luke Wilson
HIS MOVIE: The 2005 reformed-ex-con comedy 'The Wendell Baker Story.' CONSENSUS: Not too shabby, but let Wes do the directing for you, Luke.