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Actress Quits Play Before Suing Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin‘s latest co-star Jan Maxwell has quit the New York production of Entertaining Mr. Sloane, before launching a lawsuit against the Hollywood star.

Maxwell quit the Roundabout Theatre Company’s revival of the Joe Orton play at the Laura Pels Theatre on Sunday and has been replaced by her understudy, Barbara Sims.

Maxwell’s reasons for leaving were detailed in a personal email leaked to the New York Post on Wednesday.

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In the email, Maxwell wrote, “The bottom line was my physical safety, mental health and artistic integrity–none of which Roundabout was supporting.”

The actress claimed the Beetlejuice star put his fist through a wall during an argument about onstage air-conditioning and was “throwing things around with all of us cowering.”

Her agent Sheldon Lubliner says, “Ms. Maxwell has nothing to add to what has already been written about this incident. She regrets that a personal email found its way to the press.”

Maxwell filed legal papers in New York this week, alleging the actor created an “unhealthy and oppressive situation onstage and off.”

In his defense, Baldwin says, “(The actress) has been unhappy in the play from the beginning for reasons that only Jan’s doctor knows.”

In response to Maxwell’s claims, the Roundabout Theatre Company issued a statement, saying, “Mr. Baldwin has been totally professional in all dealings with the company and management throughout the engagement of Entertaining Mr. Sloane and we are delighted to have him in the show.

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“After Ms. Maxwell made it clear that she did not want to stay, Roundabout decided for the benefit of the entire Sloane company to let her know that she need not return to the production (of course receiving payment for the notice period of her contract) which she gladly accepted.”

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