Adam Driver’s video plea for director’s missing dog pays off


Adam Driver helped track down director Leos Carax‘s missing dog by offering up a role in their new film.

The actor was filming Annette in Belgium with the French filmmaker when Carax’s pooch Javelot ran away from the set, and Driver immediately took to Star Wars co-star Mark Hamill‘s Instagram to offer up a reward, explaining the pet was “a member of the family to the crew”.

“We will do anything as a way of saying thank you,” he said in a video, standing next to a ‘Missing’ poster stuck to a lamp post in Brussels. “We’ll put you in the movie, we’ll give you chocolate, we’ll christen your child, we’ll do anything as a way of saying thank you,” he added.

“Javelot is our director Leos Carax’s dog. It’s the third generation of the dog. He’s had the grandfather, the father, and now Javelot. He went missing yesterday. We were shooting a scene in a club – as you do – and we were outside, he got spooked by some of the traffic and ran off.”

Producers have since confirmed the dog has been found. It is not known if the person who returned Javelot will be taking Driver up on his offer.

The actor had to turn to Hamill for help as he doesn’t own an Instagram account.