Adam Sandler almost died during Uncut Gems fight scene


Adam Sandler had a near-death experience while filming a fight scene during Uncut Gems.

The dark comedy’s co-director, Josh Safdie, reveals Sandler tried to “tap out” as his character is being choked, but castmates mistakenly believed he was acting.

“Sandler’s so in it, he’s so into the character that it started to actually get a little scary one or two times, because he’s getting choked at one point in the scene and there were all these cues,” Safdie tells Entertainment Weekly.

“All three of those guys who are manhandling Sandler (in the scene), it was the first movie they’ve done, so they were very professional, but when it’s your first time.

“There was one take when Sandler was getting choked and he was trying to tap out, but the actor thought he was just being (character) Howard, so he choked harder, and Adam couldn’t breathe.”

Sandler also commented on the sequence, noting he was covered in bruises by the end, sharing, “The boys went at me pretty good – they beat me up I’d say maybe 120 different angles worth. And yeah I had some spots on my body.”

Uncut Gems was also directed by Josh’s brother Benny Safdie.