Ranking Every Adam Sandler Movie From Worst To Best

Jack and Jill
You should never play your twin sister Adam Sandler. Lesson learned, at least hopefully.
Little Nicky
This is kind of a guilty pleasure Adam Sandler movie. I love it, but know that it is really, really bad.
That's My Boy
This one is only before Little Nicky because Andy Samberg makes this movie slightly bearable, but what was with the voice Adam?
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You Don't Mess With the Zohan
Adam dressed up as a foreigner, pretending to be a hairstylist? Sounds like it could be funny. It might be, if you can sit through it, that is.
We were so excited for the Drew/Adam Reunion, but as his career of late, it just flopped.
Grown Ups 2
A moderately-okay sequel to the first film. I think the most interesting aspect was seeing how grown-up the child stars had gotten.
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The Zookeeper
By this point in his career, Adam Sandler voicing a monkey is not surprising at all, nor is it very interesting or good.
Bedtime Stories
We wish Adam Sandler told us ridiculous bed time stories that actually came true.
Just Go With It
One of many movies where Sandler is avoiding commitment. How someone manages to constantly scheme and wind up with beautiful women, we don't know.
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Funny People
With the word funny in the title, this movie was a lot drier and stark than we expected.
Movies where married people fall for someone that isn't their spouse put a bad taste in our mouths. Even if it's meant to make them reevaluate their lives.
Grown Ups
This movie is the prime example that Adam Sandler and Co. really aren't very grown up, but we can all laugh about it.
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One of the only slightly-serious movies he's ever done and it still makes us cry.
Reign Over Me
It's heartwarming to see a movie where Sandler isn't relying on slapstick comedy to get him through a film.
Hotel Transylvania
This movie is proof that Sandler should consider doing more family-oriented voice over work, because it can actually be adorable.
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Anger Management
With the way Sandler is always yelling in his movies, it's not at all surprising he wound up in one about needing anger management.
Mr. Deeds
Somehow Sandler seems to always find himself either poor or really rich in movies. Either way, he always winds up winning over the pretty girl.
Punch-Drunk Love
This was Sandler's first major departure form broad comedies and it was actually done very well.
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Why was there no sequel to this? Damon Wayans and Adam Sandler were perfect togther.
The Hot Chick
The only semi-cameo on this list, but Sandler stole each scene he was in. "Would you quit banging on those drums?!"
The Waterboy
"But...but Momma said..."
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I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry
This is the top of the crop when it comes to Kevin James/Adam Sandler movies.
Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights
So Sandler plays about 75% of the cast in this obnoxious holiday comedy, but it's just so Adam Sandler, you have to love it.
The Longest Yard
He reunited with SNL buddy, Chris Rock, to bring us this hysterical remake.
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50 First Dates
He goes from a player to an earnest sweetheart, trying to win over the woman who forgets him every single day. It's the sweetest movie he's ever made.
The Wedding Singer
The first, and best, of a few Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler movies that made us all wish they'd get married in real life.
Happy Gilmore
Only Adam Sandler can get away with saving his grandmother's house from being repossessed by playing golf with a hockey stick.
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Billy Madison
The penguin did not tell me to make this #2. Or maybe he did. Either way, O'Doyle RULES.
Big Daddy
No schtick. No funny voices. Just classic Sandler-humor that will leave you quoting the movie, 15 years after it was released.