How ‘After Earth’ Actually Tapped Into Will Smith’s Relationship with Son Jaden — VIDEO

Will Smith fans rejoice! The talented actor is back in full force with the epic action/sci-fi movie After Earth, and he brought son Jaden Smith for the ride. 

It’s a thousand years after humanity was forced to abandon Earth, and humans have settled on a distant planet called Nova Prime. But teenager Kitai Raige (Jaden Smith) is forced to navigate the harsh terrain left behind when his spacecraft crashes on the now inhospitable planet. The only other survivor is his father Cypher Raige (Will Smith), who is critically injured and Kitai’s only lifeline through his perilous journey. sat down with Will Smith to discuss his sci-fi inspirations (hint: it starts with “Star” and ends with “Wars”), the concept of fear (according to the film’s tagline, “Fear is a choice”), as well as playing father and son on-screen again with Jaden.

“I just love that, specifically with this movie, the father and son relationship is very similar to mine and Jaden’s real life relationship,” says the actor.  “So it was a great opportunity for he and I to talk in character about the emotional issues of Cypher and Kitai, and secretly address some of Will and Jaden’s stuff.”

After Earth hit theaters May 31. Check out our video for our full interview with Will Smith above.

Credit: Columbia Pictures

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