Akiva Goldsman To Direct ‘Winter’s Tale’

Akiva GoldmanAkiva Goldsman has decided that this moment — with half the country covered in snow and ice, its residents cursing the heavens for sending “this goddamn snowpocalypse!” — is the perfect opportunity to announce his next project: Winter’s Tale. Yup, that 1983 book by Mark Helprin about how New York City has morphed into an arctic abyss. So, okay! Anyway, the producer/screenwriter will start the film after he, Ron Howard and Brian Grazer finish their current epic project The Dark Tower (its lead role was just offered to Javier Bardem, by the way).

Goldman, who won an Oscar for writing A Beautiful Mind, adapted Winter’s Tale, which is expected to cost around $75 million to make. For those unaware, the fantasy story follows a thief, a dying girl and a flying white horse in 19th century Manhattan. And, as mentioned above, it’s all snowy and shit.

All of this is cool, but since this is not the William Shakespeare version of The Winter’s Tale, Julie Taymor still has a chance to ruin that one.

Source: Deadline