Alicia Keys On Her Song “Back To Life” From ‘Queen Of Katwe’ (Video Interview)


Writing anything is a process.

It doesn’t matter if your writing a novel, a poem, a script, or a song, a lot of work goes into it. For someone like Alicia Keys you’d think it would be easy. She’s won multiple Grammy awards and will probably go down as one of the all-time greatest singers. The artist has never won an Oscar though, but with this song she may not be too far off.

When Keys was asked to write a song for Disney’s ‘Queen of Katwe’ the singer did not take the chore lightly. In this behind the music interview, Alicia Keys talks about her song “Back To Life” and all about her writing partners, how the song relates to the film, how the song relates to her, and what she hopes listeners take away from the song.


“Back To Life” is out now and Queen of Katwe will be out September 23, 2016.

More behind the scenes: