Alicia Silverstone has no memory of Clueless filming


Alicia Silverstone has few fond memories of making Clueless 25 years ago because she was working on the set all the time.

She met up with castmates Donald Faison, Paul Rudd and Breckin Meyer at a convention in Chicago, Illinois last year (2019) and felt awful when talk turned to Clueless memories – because she has hardly any of them.

Alicia admits she couldn’t remember kissing Rudd in the final scene or taking Faison out for his birthday.

“They were making fun of me in Chicago because Donald was saying, ‘Do you remember when you, Paul and Breckin took me out for my birthday?’ – and I have zero memory of this,” the actress told The Talk.

“We were onstage and Paul said, ‘Alicia, do you remember making the movie?’

“I do but I was there 14 hours a day every single day; those guys just, like, swooped in a couple of times a week for a few hours… They were having a party. They all lived together… My head was in lines, staying alive, working.

“I don’t remember this birthday party and I don’t remember how I felt about the kiss but I’m sure it was lovely; it looks lovely on-screen.”