Alicia Silverstone remembers Clueless co-star Brittany Murphy on film anniversary


Alicia Silverstone has paid tribute to her late Clueless co-star Brittany Murphy on the 25th anniversary of the film.

Murphy passed away at the age on 32 in December 2009 but she was on Alicia’s mind as the 43-year-old was celebrating their beloved 1995 film with Vogue last week (July 17 2o20).

Alicia revealed she was blown away with Brittany’s acting talents when she first auditioned for her role as Tai Frasier.

“I just remember thinking she was so great for the part,” Alicia said. “I can’t remember how many girls came in to audition for Tai that day and I don’t know if I saw a few girls for it or just her, but I remember Brittany being really adorable.

“She’s so good at the little accent because she had one already, but I think she just pushed it to new heights. I found her so wonderful and I said to (director) Amy (Heckerling) right away, ‘I think she’s the one…’ She was like, ‘Uh yeah, duh. Of course, she was the best. She’s the one’.”

Alicia also recalled working with fellow teenager Brittany on the set: “I remember her mom was on set a lot. I brought my mom around a little bit and we would all spend time together. But I don’t think we had any intellectual idea about us being up-and-comers in a big movie because we didn’t know we were in a big movie.”