All Star Cast For Will Smith’s Powerful ‘Collateral Beauty’ Trailer


“We long for love, we wish we had more time, and we fear death”.

After dealing with his child’s death, Howard (Will Smith) hasn’t been the same. His friends Whit (Edward Norton) and Claire (Kate Winslet) see this and want Howard to be better again. They learn that Howard writes letters, not to people but to things like time, love, and death. He uses these letters as a coping method not ever expecting a response back.

Over the progression of the movie, those things know he needs helps, so the embodiment of death (Helen Mirren), Time (Jacob Latimore) and love (Keira Knightley) respond to try to help Howard so he can live his life again. Howard tries to find the answers for the questions that normally can not be answered.


Collateral Beauty releases December 16, 2016.