All The Pixar Love At The ‘Cars 3’ World Premiere


Pixar is basically the gold standard for animated movies. Most films will make you laugh, cry, feel something while looking at some gorgeous visuals, what more could you want?

It’s basically an honor to be able to work on one of their films, and the rookies of ‘Cars 3’ know that. It’s also something special to close out a trilogy after 10 years. In the above interview go to the world premiere of ‘Cars 3’ at the Anaheim Convention Center where  rookie Armie Hammer talks about why he fell in love with the Cars franchise, Cristela Alonzo still can’t believe she’s in a Pixar film, Kerry Washington tells us how happy she is to be apart of the franchise, and Nathan Fillion gives us the ultimate test to find out if someone is a robot or not.

Meanwhile, Larry the Cable Guy discusses wrapping up the franchise, Executive Producer John Lasseter talks about how the Lightning McQueen’s story follows his own, and Owen Wilson reflects on how far they’ve come.


‘Cars 3’ is in theaters today, June 16, 2017.