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Allison Williams is forced to fly a plane in ‘Horizon Line’ Trailer

Tests of a relationship can come at a weird time.

For the characters in ‘Horizon Line’, it happens while flying in the air.

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Williams says this weird thing is ruining her actual marriage

In the film, a couple (Allison Williams and Alexander Dreymon) are traveling from a location wedding on a small island. The pilot (Keith David) has apparently been teaching Allison how to fly and gives her the controls. The pilot then has a heart attack and it’s up to the couple to fly the plane, through a major storm none the less, and more importantly, land it.

Allison’s brother gets mistaken for her husband…a lot.

It’s a cool idea, and I love movies that feature a few actors in a small place because all they have to rely on is their acting abilities and the story to carry them.


‘Horizon Line’ is coming soon.

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