Amy Adams And Jake Gyllenhaal Explain ‘Nocturnal Animals’ In Video


‘Nocturnal Animals’ has been getting praised by reviewers and looks amazing, but personally, when I watched the trailers it looked great but I could not tell what was going on.

The film follows three different storylines. The first is Susan (Adams) in the current, married, should be happy but on the inside is miserable. Her ex-husband Tony (Gyllenhaal) sends her a copy of the manuscript of his new novel. This enters the second storyline of inside the novel where Edward (Gyllenhaal) goes through a world of the south where something bad happens. The third storyline is Susan reliving what happened in the past with Tony.

In the above interview, Amy Adams goes a little deeper into where we find Susan, Jake Gyllenhaal explains the storyline more in depth, and Director Tom Ford says what he hopes viewers will take from the film.


Nocturnal Animals releases December 9, 2016