Amy Poehler And Will Ferrell Start A Casino in ‘The House’ Trailer


College is expensive. Parents want their child to succeed in life, so they will do whatever it takes to make sure they get an education.

In Warner Bros newest film ‘The House’ Mom Kate (Amy Poehler) and Father Scott (Will Ferrell) had a college fund all set up for their daughter, and then it ran out. The parents would do whatever it takes, so when Frank (Jason Mantzoukas) suggests opening an Casino in the basement, they go with it.

It might sound like a great idea way to rake in some quick cash (whose ever seen a not glamorous Casino?), but it’s not actually legal. This isn’t some small place to play some cards, they have everything you’d expect in Vegas… Nail salon, massage table, overly crazy pool party complete with some young hip DJ, boxing matches between friends and other parents and strippers. When they find out someone is cheating, they have to take matters into their own hands.

I’m not sure how Amy and Will have never starred in a film together, but it makes so much sense.


The House is in theaters June 30, 2017.