Amy Schumer Thinks She’s Hot In ‘I Feel Pretty’ Trailer

I’ve been comparing new movies to older ones a lot lately, and this film is no different. Back in 2001 a movie came out called “Shallow Hal”. In it, a man (Jack Black) only see the inner beauty of a girl (Gwyneth Paltrow), who happens to be an obese woman.

‘I Feel Pretty’ is that for women.

In the film, Renee (Amy Schumer) knows she’s not the hottest and thinnest girl ever and is tired of all the attention that hot girls (Emily Ratajkowski is one of them) get. After she hits her head in a spin class, she thinks she’s gorgeous and gets all the perks that come with a hot girl membership card. Free drinks, a better job, men hitting on you all the time, that kind of thing. It even sparks a relationship when The only thing she really gains is confidence, which spoiler, I’m sure will be the morale of the film. Amy can be funny and I’m sure her problems at the beginning are some that all women face, so many will be able to relate. Hopefully, for and fans, this film will be as good as Trainwreck was.

‘I Feel Pretty’ June 29, 2018.

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