Angry Birds Team Up With Bad Pigs For ‘Angry Birds 2’ Trailer 2

Angry Birds, the mobile game turned movie did really well, so of course, there would have to be a sequel.

Red (Jason Sudeikis) is still angry while his friends Chuck (Josh Gad) and Bomb (Danny McBride) are living their lives while the war with Leonard (Bill Hader) and the pigs continues. One thing has changed, a new bird Zeta (Leslie Jones) is tired of the warm lands the birds and pigs live on, and starts to attack them with her ice. Leonard finds his way to Red and the two team up. Chuck brings his sister Silver (Rachel Bloom) and the gang goes off to try to defeat Zeta with shenanigans in tow.

Much like the last film, don’t expect Oscars with this one, but the kids love it so.


‘The Angry Birds Movie 2’ releases on August 16, 2019.