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Anthony Hopkins to Quit After Shakespeare Role

Welsh actor Sir Anthony Hopkins plans to quit acting after starring in William Shakespeare’s tragedy King Lear.

Hopkins has played the aging British king in the theatre and admits he wasn’t completely happy with his performance and would like the chance to play Lear again on the silver screen.

He tells Total Film magazine, “(I played Lear before) badly… no, it was OK. But I want do to Lear, then maybe say, ‘Adios.’

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“I want to see what I’ve got left in me. Make sure I had a good go at it.

“I know somebody that’s interested in producing it, one of the money guys at Miramax.

“I think it would be interesting to go back to the old traditional thing of setting it in Denmark or a craggy area of Britain, shoot it near the coasts in winter, set it in the dark ages.”

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