Clark Kent’s Glasses Actually Are A Good Enough Disguise For Superman

Henry Cavill, Batman V Superman, Warner Bros, 031716
Warner Bros.

If you recall at the end of Man of Steel, Clark Kent aka Superman shows up at The Daily Planet with his luscious curls and delectable glasses and no one recognizes him (Except his girlfriend Lois Lane). We always thought this was rather baffling. After all, Superman is a giant man-cake, and he would certainly turn heads, both in and out of costume. Seriously, have you seen Henry Cavill?!! However, it seems that Superman would have no issue blending in with society; with or without the glasses. Yesterday, while promoting Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Cavill hung out in Times Square where billboards of the film are splattered miles high in the sky, and NO ONE RECOGNIZED HIM! Check out the video below:


Dear Doubter, The glasses are good enough. Regards, Superman #WhoWillWin #Superman

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Now we would argue that most New Yorkers see insane things everyday, and are used to seeing and not harassing celebs, but Cavill (who is over 6 feet tall) also had on a Superman t-shirt which should have upped the stakes a tad. He’s also pretty recognizable, we’ve been falling in love with him for years, first on Showtime’s The Tudors and then as Superman and The Man from U.N.C.L.E. And yet, according to Superman’s own results, “The glasses are good enough.”  Still, we’re not sure we’re ready to concede yet, perhaps people didn’t recognize Cavill because of his coat. After all, Superman would have been rocking his iconic red cape.


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opens Friday March 25th. Whose side are you on?