‘Arthur and Lancelot’ Revived; Colin Farrell Could Star

18214258.jpgLess than two months after it was shelved by Warner Bros. over budgetary concerns, Arthur and Lancelot is back on, and it’s close to nabbing a resurgent actor for its cast. According to Variety, Colin Farrell, whose career has been revitalized in recent years thanks to stellar turns in films like In Bruges, is in talks to star in David Dobkin‘s revisionist take on the Arthurian legend.

Kit Harington and Joel Kinniman had previously been slated to play King Arthur and Sir Lancelot, respectively, but dropped out of the project when the project was halted over those always dubious “scheduling conflicts.” The “conflict” likely being that Warner Bros. was hesitant to “schedule” a hugely expensive period piece starring Kit Harington and Joel Kinniman and directed by the guy behind Wedding Crashers and The Change-Up.

Source: Variety