Babes, Bods, and Behind The Scenes of ‘Baywatch’


When doing a reboot you can do one of two things. You can take it seriously and things can come off dry and boring, or you can go the 21 Jump Street route and have fun with it. In the realm of the property, but joke with it and be as ridiculous as you want to be. That’s what Paramount Pictures and the cast did with their ‘Baywatch’ reboot.

In the above interview, go behind the scenes of ‘Baywatch’ where Zac Efron will tell you about what they are doing, Alexandra Daddario tells us why she wanted to do the project, Dwayne Johnson dives into not taking themselves so seriously, Kelly Rohrbach talks about everyone loving the original show,  and Jon Bass says why his out of place character makes so much sense.

Pretty sure Dwayne is just going full Rocky with interviews lately, and it’s highly entertaining at the end.


Baywatch releases May 25, 2017.