A ‘Back to the Future’ Fan is Making a Chronological Version of the Trilogy

Back to the Future, Christopher Lloyd, Michael J. Fox
MCA/Universal Pictures via Everett

Have you ever wondered what the Back to the Future trilogy would look like in chronological order? Well Back to the Future fan Michael Suich is re-editing the Robert Zemeckis‘ trilogy to show the events of the films in the order they happened in Hill Valley. The project, titled Back to the Future Chronology, will encompass all three movies and “starts with Marty showing up in 1885, ends with them leaving 2015,” Suich explains.

Suich has loved loved the Back to the Future franchise for years, calling it one of his all-time favorite trilogies. “At the end of [Back to the Future Part II] when Doc is struck by lightning and sent…. away. Marty has no idea when. As a kid I remember thinking, how is Doc going to handle this? Then the letter arrives, and your mind boggles at the brilliant writing of Zemeckis and Gale,” Suich told Hollywood.com.

As a teenager, Suich created a chronological edit of the trilogy on a VHS tape using a DVD player and two VCRs. With “Back to the Future Day” coming up (October 21st, 2015, the day that Doc Brown and Marty traveled to in Back To The Future Part II), Suich decided to revisit the project using modern technology. The re-edit is intended for long-time fans of the trilogy, “If you’re a fan who knows what happens in between, it still makes sense,” Suich warns, “[But] won’t make sense for a new viewer, or it will [be] like watching Memento to the Future.”

Back to the Future Chronology is set to release online October 21st, 2015. If you can’t wait until then and don’t have your own DeLorean, you can check out a preview of the “Enchantment Under the Sea” Dance:


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