Batman Has A New Batsuit For ‘Justice League’ & It Looks SOOO Much Better

Warner Bros.

For those of us who watched Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, one of the things that stood out among the strange plotlines and overblown action sequences was how ridiculous Batman’s beefed-up batsuit looked. Don’t get us wrong, we thought Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne was one of the best parts of BvS. However, that batsuit literally made us cringe.

Luckily, the caped crusader’s suit is going to get a major upgrade in DC Comic‘s upcoming Justice League. CinemaBlend talked with Justice League director Zack Synder recently, and he revealed that Affleck will actually be donning two batsuits for the upcoming superhero flick. Along with his normal gear, Batman will also get a Tactical Batsuit that will be used when battling against the supernatural. It seems like after going against Superman in BvS, Bruce Wayne decided it was time for a major upgrade. Check out the new suit for yourself below.

This suit will have a ton of more protection for the war-weary Gotham Knight. We don’t know the exact deets on the suit as of yet, however, we can say that it looks 1000 times better that that foolish looking lego suit that was in BvS.  While we think the new suit looks fab, some major fans are already irritated. They are saying the suit looks way too similar to the one worn by Night Owl in 2009’s Watchmen. There definitely may some validity to that comparison considering the fact that Synder directed that film as well.

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