‘Beautiful Creatures’: Alice Englert and Alden Ehrenreich on Their Fiery Kiss — VIDEO

Beautiful Creatures stars Alden Ehrenreich and Alice Englert

In Beautiful Creatures, this week’s most paranormal (yet romantic!) Valentine’s Day release, Alice Englert and Alden Ehrenreich play teenagers — one supernatural and one human — who fall in love despite the overwhelming odds against them. Sound familiar? Ehrenreich and Englert are aware their movie, which is also based on a young adult book series, owes a lot to Twilight.

Much like their director, Richard LaGravenese, Ehrenreich and Englert are thankful Twilight could pave the way for other supernatural teen romances, but at the core they’re very different movies. “It’s the same demographic and the same genre,” Ehrenreich tells Hollywood.com. “I haven’t seen the Twilight movies so I don’t know if they’re that similar, but I do think the Twilight movies certainly created this genre as something that’s commercially viable so I’m happy that happened because this movie got to be made.”

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This story’s star-crossed lovers are Ethan, a small-town high school jock who doesn’t quite fit in with his peers, and Lena, the strange new girl in town whose dark clothes and standoffish demeanor set her apart from the bubbly Southern belle cheerleaders in her class. Lena, who comes from a long line of casters (witches) is counting down the days until her 16th birthday — that’s when she’ll be claimed for the dark or the light — when she accidentally falls in love with Ethan.

Englert explains that Lena, who’s been a loner since her BFF cousin was claimed for the dark, doesn’t plan to make friends while she bides her time until her birthday but is drawn to Ethan’s effortless charm. “For Lena, that sort of positivity and charm and the way he is comfortable in every single situation he’s in is something that is so beyond her, and she’s fascinated by him.”

Similarly, Ehrenreich says that Ethan appreciates the fact that Lena’s personality is so different from his. “In a similar way, Ethan’s drawn to this girl who’s the first person he’s ever met who speaks really directly and honestly and cuts through all the crap and isn’t like anyone he’s ever met,” he says. “That’s what he wants — someone who’s different from what he knows.”

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Opposites certainly attract as the two spark up a passionate romance in that life-and-death way only teenagers can — the operative word being “spark.” Nicholas Sparks may have the market cornered on kisses in the rain, but Lena and Ethan’s chemistry is so hot they cause an actual fire during one particularly steamy makeout.

Jokes Englert, “That just happened. We were like, ‘Use that take!'”

Beautiful Creatures hits theaters on Thursday, Feb. 14. Check out Englert and Ehrenreich’s full interview below:

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