See the Stars of ‘Deadpool’ Before They Were Famous

Deadpool has been crushing it at the box office since its release and has become the highest-grossing R-rated film and X-Men film. The Merc with a Mouth has been doing so well lately that Fox has already greenlit a sequel and is looking at Tim Miller to return as director. While you may be familiar with some of the cast already, you may not know what their lives were like before they hit the big screen. For your enjoyment, check out the cast of Deadpool before they were famous!

Ryan Reynolds - Deadpool/Wade Wilson
Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool, Ordinary Magic
20th Century Fox/Complex Odeon Films
Surprisingly, Reynolds first experienced acting by failing his high school drama class. At the age of 19, he developed a fear of flying after experiencing some parachute issues while skydiving. His first parachute failed to open but he luckily had a second one in reserve. He says that he was too afraid to pull his second parachute because remembers, "my idiotic 19 year old mind thought 'then I'll have no more 'chutes left.'" Luckily, he walked away from the incident without any injuries and went on to begin his acting career as Billy Thompson in the teen soap Fifteen a.k.a. Hillside. He is also the only actor to appear in all 65 episodes. He later landed his first film role as Ganesh/Jeffrey in Ordinary Magic in 1993.

Morena Baccarin - Vanessa Carlysle

Morena Baccarin, Deadpool, Firefly
20th Century Fox/FOX
Born in Rio de Janeiro, Baccarin moved to Greenwich Village, New York at a young age and attended the LaGuardia High School of Music and Performing Arts. Later, she entered the theater program at the Juilliard School and was one of the subjects of the PBS series American Masters according to her IMDb page. Afterward, she landed her first film role as Monica in Perfume in 2001 and then played Inara Serra in the television series Firefly in 2002. She also provided the voice of Black Canary in the animated series Justice League Unlimited in 2005.
T.J. Miller - Weasel
T.J Miller, Deadpool, Carpoolers
20th Century Fox/ABC

Born in Denver, Colorado, Miller attended George Washington University and was a member of a comedy group called GWU recess. According to his IMDb page, he studied circus arts at Frichess Theatre Urbain in Paris, France and became an accomplished Clown and Juggler. That's right, he went to Clown College... sort of. According to his story on the David Feldman Show, he was originally trying to talk his professor into to boosting his grades when she convinced him to go to this summer circus program that no one ever wanted to go to. Although he was never able to conquer the Trapeze, he became the best Stilt Walker in his class, mastered 5 ball juggling, and played one of the faeries in the A Midsummer Night's Dream production that they did at the end of the programIn addition to obtaining sweet Clown skills, the program was completely covered by his scholarship.

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Ed Skrein - Ajax/Francis
Ed Skrein, Deadpool, Game of Thrones
20th Century Fox/HBO
Born in Camden, London, England, Skrein used to be in a gang in his younger days and spent 5 days in the hospital after he was stabbed when he was 17 years old. As a result, he turned his life around and strived to become a more calm, pacifist, and reflective person. Before he started his acting career in the short film Michelle in 2008, Skrein became a rapper and released his first album, The Eat Up in 2007. You may also remember him as Daario Naharis in the third season of Game of Thrones before he was replaced by Michiel Huisma in the fourth season due to "political reasons" according to Skrein.
Gina Carano - Angel Dust
Gina Carano, Deadpool, American Gladiator
20th Century Fox/NBC via Getty Images
Before she was kicking ass on the big screen, Carano was knocking out fighters in the ring as a Muay Thai Fighter and MMA Fighter. She began when her ex-boyfriend Kevin Ross, a pro muai thai fighter, got her involved and she has since accumulated numerous firsts in fighting females. She knocked out Leiticia Pestova in the first round of the first sanctioned female MMA bout in Nevada, she defeated Elaina Maxwell in the first female fight in Strikeforce, and she defeated Julie Kedzie in the first televised female fight on Showtime. At the end of her career, she achieved a competition record of 12–1–1 in Muay Thai and a 7–1 in women's MMA.
Leslie Uggams - Blind Al
Leslie Uggams, Deadpool
20th Century Fox/Everett Collection
There's not much about Uggams before she was famous because she started crushing entertainment at such a young age and never stopped. Born in Harlem, she began her acting career at the age of 6 by playing the niece of Ethel Waters on the TV series The Beulah Show. By the age of 9, she was performing 28 shows a week at the Apollo Theater in Harlem. In 1968, she won the Tony Award for Best Actress in a Broadway Musical Comedy during her debut as the lead in Hallelujah, Baby! In 1969, she became the first African-American woman to star in her own musical variety series called The Leslie Uggams Show. In 1977, she earned Golden Globe and Emmy Award nominations for her performance as Kizzy Reynolds in the televisions series Roots. Who knew Deadpool's blind roommate had such a famous history?