Bell, Kunis, and Hahn Are ‘Bad Moms’ In First Trailer

Being a mom is tough. Moms of today have an even more difficult time trying to be a “good mom”. They have to make sure the kids have healthy meals and are at school on time with the best grades then rush them to practice at this time so they can get to their music lesson at this time, so then they can do their homework, and make sure their gluten free cookies are in for the next day.

It’s tiring and awful and in ‘Bad Moms’, the moms are just over it. Amy Mitchell (Mila Kunis) had one of the days from hell and so she is the first one to revolt against the seemingly perfect mom (Christina Applegate). Kiki (Kristen Bell) and their friend (Kathryn Hahn) hear Amy and agree with her, so they decide to be “bad moms”. Moms that can get drunk, eat horrible food, not have to make desserts for a bake-off that are free of everything that is bad for kids, and yet still be able to raise their children.

Check out the trailer for ‘Bad Moms’ here:


Bad Moms releases July 29, 2016