Ben Affleck coaches in Trailer for ‘The Way Back’

Sports movies can be some of the best.

From Miracle, Rudy, Friday Night Lights, A League of their Own, are all special. Even with the number of times I’ve seen Remember the Titans when substitute teachers didn’t know what to do, I’m still not tired of it.

Besides The Blind Side, there really hasn’t been a great one in a while, but Ben Affleck is trying to change that. In the film, Ben plays a once-great star whose been in the dumps. He struggles with alcoholism as well as a will to live when he’s given the opportunity to coach at his alma mater. Surprise, the team is not as bad as they seem, and after the team starts doing well, Coach has to deal with the old demons that come back to haunt him.

This might not be Rudy, but hopefully, it will be remembered.


‘The Way Back’ releases on March 6, 2020.