Ben Stiller Breaks Down in ‘Brad’s Status’ Trailer


Brad (Ben Stiller) has a pretty normal life.

Went to college, graduated, found a wife, had a child, now that child is grown up (Austin Abrams) and ready for college. On the college tour, Brad takes a look back at all of his college friends and how successful they are. Then he looks at his life and he’s got nothing to show for it. He thinks the world of his son and wants the best for him, or at least better than his life.

That’s when things go south. Brad really starts his mental breakdown, starting to think he could end up just like him. Putting more pressure on his son than he could have imagined. Thinking too much about what other people think of him. Not thinking about how the important people in his life feel about him.

As much as I like Ben Stiller the comedy actor, I really love the more serious Ben.


‘Brad’s Status’ releases September 15, 2017.