The Very Best Actors and Actresses Who Have Never Won an Oscar

Brad Pitt
Pitt is a power player in Gen X nihilism ('Fight Club'), hometown sentiment ('Benjamin Button,' 'Moneyball'), esoteric philosophy films ('Tree of Life'), and good old fun (the 'Oceans' films) alike.
Peter O'Toole
A paramount identity when you discuss classic cinema, it's perplexing that O'Toole didn't win the trophy for 'Lawrence of Arabia,' let alone any other entries in his gigantic career.
Greta Garbo
One of the most prolific movie stars of the '20s and '30s, Garbo might have simply been too far ahead of her own time to nab that coveted trophy.
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Robin Wright
Wright's commercial stardom may have shone brightest around the 'Princess Bride' and 'Forrest Gump' era, but it's only lately that she is showing her true talents, such as in the great 'The Congress.'
Cary Grant
One of the early movie stars and a favorite leading man of Alfred Hitchcock's ('North by Northwest,' 'Notorious,' 'To Catch a Thief') you'd think one of his gigantic roles would have won him an Oscar.
Leonardo DiCaprio
The famous example of today: Leo turns over tremendous performance after tremendous performance, often via the lens of Martin Scorsese, and yet he still hasn't nabbed that trophy.
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Sigourney Weaver
Weaver's notability comes in association with the under appreciated sci-fi and thriller genres, so it's no wonder she hasn't won an Oscar yet for some of her fantastic work.
Ava Gardner
An everpresent force in Hollywood's Golden Age, Gardner only managed one ever nomination, for her role in 'Mogambo.' Regardless, we remember her today as a true force of stardom.
Robert Redford
It's always rattling to remember that Redford has yet to win an Oscar... at least for acting. He did snag a Best Director Academy Award for 'Ordinary People.'
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Laura Dern
Dern is another force whose talent is most apparent on the weirder side of cinema. Her work with David Lynch is especially memorable, although she gave a mighty good Spielberg face in 'Jurassic Park.'
Lauren Bacall
Lauren Bacall was one of those movie stars who were so original and iconic that the molecular structure of the audience seemed to shift when she was on screen.
Joaquin Phoenix
Today, Phoenix is the veritable go-to for a performance that is demanding or particularly "out there." Still, the esoteric favorite is bound for Oscar glory sooner than later.
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Ralph Fiennes
Fiennes is such a sophisticated talent; he becomes his characters so vividly that we forget about the actor we're watching. As such, we forget to award him much deserved Oscars.
Bill Murray
An unparalleled comedian-turned-indomitable dramatist, Murray has deserved the Oscar on at least one occasion... but his reputation as Carl Spackler might hold him back from the gold forever.
Glenn Close
We can't imagine a Hollywood without Glenn Close, and as such can't imagine that the Hollywood we have has failed to recognize her tremendous talent all these years. But the world is a strange place.
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Judy Garland
This should make all aspiring actors and actresses feel a little better: if Dorothy Gale can't get an Oscar, then you don't have to be so hard on yourself.
Peter Sellers
Sellers might be the greatest comic performer in human history, and his snub for 'Dr. Strangelove' might be the Oscars' greatest injustice in its 86-year run.
Rita Hayworth
If there ever was a name more synonymous with Hollywood, we haven't heard it. Hayworth not having an Oscar is a phenomenon of utter bafflement.
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Annette Bening
Bening has starred in numerous Oscar-friendly pictures, playing beautifully in them all the while. But her time at the podium has not yet come... we're waiting patiently.
Orson Welles
He was Citizen freakin' Kane, for goodness' sake!