16 Movies About Drinking That Will Make You Want To Party

Movies about drinking are the best. They don’t need a strong plot line. They don’t need great actors or beautiful sets. They just need a really dope party. The kind of party where someone can afford to supply hundreds of teenagers or college students (and sometimes adults) with liquor. Some drinking movies will surprise you and actually have a strong plot to back them up, but for the most part, a great drinking movie is all about the epic party scene, where someone’s house gets trashed and a dance off happens. If both happen in a five minute time-span, you know you’ve got a killer party movie on your hands.

American Pie

"This one time, at band camp..." is the line that taught us that it's not just the popular kids who can party hard, but that band "nerds" go hard too.

Weekend at Bernie’s

This is one of the original party movies out there. We've secretly always wanted to do this, but in How I Met Your Mother fashion.

The Hangover
We've been saving up since 2009 just so we can travel to Vegas and have an insane time like the guys in this movie.
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We're not sure if we could ever drink this much beer, but for the sake of sciene and research, we'd be willing to try with our own Oktoberfest team.
National Lampoon’s Animal House
When we got to college, we were extremely disappointed to find out this wasn't how fraternities and college parties worked.
Super Troopers
We know we could pull off that meow game they've got going in this movie after a couple of drinks!
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This movie made Goldschlager look like an appealing type of booze. That's an impressive enough. Not to mention, it gave us McLovin.
We're not gonna lie, this movie is the entire reason we want to travel to Europe.
National Lampoon’s Van Wilder
We'll ALWAYS drink to Ryan Reynolds.
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The World’s End
We never knew that the end of the world paired so well with a pub crawl. We've now got inspiration for our own zombie survival guide.
Project X
This party is probably the most epic party to ever exist in film. There's a freaking flame thrower! That Miles Teller cameo is pretty great too.
Old School
Will Ferrell's "we're streaking" scene will go down in party history for us.
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Coyote Ugly
If you didn't want to dance on a bar after watching this movie, then you're a LIAR.
The Hangover Part II
Not nearly as great as the original, but much better than The Hangover Part III (this story got oldfast). We'd definitely want to travel to Thailand and get up to some of these crazy antics.
House Party
This movie is the reason we wanted to throw a house party every weekend. We also tried (and failed) to learn this dance.
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21 and Over
It's not exactly a "good" movie, but it has Skylar Astin, Miles Teller (we love him, okay?), and the craziest 21st birthday party ever.

Which drinking movie is your absolute favorite? We’ll always have a special place in our hearts for Superbad and the original Hangover.


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