The Top 10 Jigsaw Traps In The “Saw” Series


If you’ve ever watched the Saw series, then you know the death sequences can be pretty gruesome. And there has been a lot of blood spilled over the course of the 7-film franchise.

Which do you think was the worst? Personally, I think that first one with Adam at the end of Saw was the most jarring, though it lacked the gore that many of the deaths that followed had. It’s still considerable, because could you imagine getting locked in a bathroom, after being shot, to die alone? I couldn’t. I also couldn’t imagine what I would do in any of the following circumstances.

Let’s celebrate the film’s 10 year anniversary by watching compilation of the Top 10 deaths in the franchise:


Our favorites from this video are…

9. Flammable Jelly: From the original Saw, where one of the victims woke up alone in a room, naked and completely covered in flammable substance, while a slow-acting poison works its way through his body. He’s got to figure out the code (painted on the walls) to the safe in the middle of the room before the poison kicks in. In the end, he manages to trip on the broken glass he’s been walking across barefoot, and the small candle he was using for light, sets him on fire. This is one of the most intricate, hardest traps set by Jigsaw in the entire series and for that, we consider it one of the best.

8. Pints of Sacrifice: In Saw V, these two have 15 minutes to fill a beaker with 10 pints…of their own blood. Like most Saw situations, they don’t realize until it’s too late, that instead of working for themselves, if they had worked together, they might have been able to redeem themselves and survive. Jigsaw’s purpose for these traps, at least initially, is to target people who do not value the things that they have, along with people who take advantage of others. He  gives his victims the chance to reverse that, or die. These two didn’t learn their lesson.

2. Reverse Bear Trap: Like they say, it’s one of the most memorable moments from the Saw series. Who could forget seeing someone with a bear trap stuck to their head, or the very graphic image of what would happen if she didn’t get it off in time? She’s got to get the trap off her head before time runs out…by digging the key out of the other victim in the room. Who she thought was dead. Until she started cutting into him. If that doesn’t make for a crazy, awesome-in-a-villain-sort-of-way, trap than we don’t know what does.

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