The 10 Best Movies of 2014 You Need To See

It’s the end of the year and that means award nominations for movies are being announced! A lot of them have been, but we are still waiting on The Oscars nominations. Instead of waiting around for them to tell us which movies were the best of the year, we made a list! Did your favorite make the cut? Keeping scrolling to find out.

1. Selma

After The Butler,  Oprah Winfrey and David Oyelowo reunite with another important film that touches on race in this country. Selma follows Martin Luther King Jr. and the march he led from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama. The timing of this movie in relation to the current protests related to police brutality is impeccable.

2. Gone Girl

You’re probably not shocked by this pick. Gone Girl  was highly anticipated and didn’t let audiences down. Rosamund Pike plays the very complicated Amy well. Besides the casting of the lead the book’s riveting story ensured the success of this film.

3. Boyhood

This movie is ground breaking simply for the fact that it follows Mason (Ellar Coltrane) from age 5 to 18 to let audiences see the character and actor grow up right before their eyes. It will definitely win a few big awards this season.

4. Top 5

Chris Rock comes out of hiding in a big way with this hit due to his realistic character, his amazing chemistry with Rosario Dawson, the funny bits, and memorable cameos that will have you laughing days after you watch the movie.

5. Dawn of The Planet of The Apes

So far it looks like this trilogy will only keep getting better and better. We are reunited with Ceasar and the rest of the apes. This movie shouldn’t be written off as just another blockbuster since it has a lot of underlying themes, like family and what really defines humanity. One may argue that the computer-generated actors in this movie are the strongest, and that’s not a dig to the human actors!

6. Birdman

This comedy shows how crazy most actors probably are in real life. Michael Keaton plays Riggan, a washed-up actor who is determined to make a comeback with his play. The days leading up to opening day are filled with many situations that are insane, but funny. The whole cast really brings it in this one.

7. The Theory of Everything

This autobiographical movie follows the lives of Stephen Hawking and his ex-wife, Jane Hawking. The movie is powerful to see Eddie Redmayne transform into the famous physicist. Also you’d be wrong to assume that this is an emotionally taxing movie. There are many funny moments that you’d enjoy.

8. Wild

This film adaptation shows Cheryl (Reese Witherspoon) hike 1,100 all by herself. Along the way she ends up facing the reason her marriage crumbled, and the feelings she has about the sudden death of her mother. This is a great feminist movie about a woman gathering her strength to face life.

9. A Most Violent Year

This will be another title you will hear a lot during awards time. This movie follows an immigrant named Abel Morales (Oscar Isaac) who tries to keep his business in tact during 1981. The year that just so happened to be the most violent year in New York City.

10. The Lego Movie

This family movie had everyone talking thanks to its original songs, the involvement of multiple previously existing characters, and jokes. We will be watching this over and over until the second one comes out.

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