These Are The Best Movies To Help Nurse Your Hangover On New Year’s Day

A hangover is never fun, and when your head feels like it’s splitting in two on the first day of the new year, you’re definitely filled with regret, hating life, and praying your Seamless is going to be knocking any second with your bag of hot greasy food. Ok, ok, we all make mistakes, and when it comes to a New Years hangover you need all the help you can get. So lay back, stuff face, and binge watch these movies that are sure to nurse you back to life.

Need we say more? The Vegas bachelor party gone completely out of control leaves three friends trying to piece together evidence of the night before, to get the whole story of what really went down. If your morning is worse that theirs, start your 2017 by writing a screenplay!

Getting over heartbreak sucks because it sometimes feels like it can last your killer hangover. Put this hilarious flick on Netflix, be distracted by Mikey's attempt to move past his broken heart and you'll easily forget how awful your body feels. 


It's impossible not to love Cher and her motley crew of dingbat friends. From crushing to makeovers, over the top fashion, and volunteering for a good cause, the movie is full of all the feels that will put a smile on your tired, hungover face. 

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Maybe you drowned your single status sorrows in a little too much booze when the clock struck midnight, but Sideways will clear your head. You'll be happy to be free of relationship drama, and ready to kick off your 2017 with a positive mental attitude. 


Bridget Jones is a legend. She's cool, smart, spontaneous, and loves her wine. If anyone can relate to regrets of a boozy night, it's her, but seeing Bridget motivate and take action to better herself after a painful break up, could just be the thing to inspire you to chug a ton of water and kick your new year into high gear.

When you're hungover, you need some serious distraction from the pain your feeling. Pop in Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby and feel instantly cured from all the LOL of Will Ferrell living it up as a celebrity stock car racer.
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Arguably one of the best rom-coms of all time, this feel-good flick centered around a couple who took 11 years to fall in love, will help you forget all the times you said, "I'll have what she's having..." at the bar the night before.
Mean Girls is the only wake up call you'll need on New Years Day that one tiny hangover is better than dealing with the trials and tribulations of high school.
If you're just looking for some good feels to pull at your heartstrings, start streaming the story of a brilliant dim-wit who unknowingly makes a major impression on the 20th century filled with hilarious, sweet, controversial, and truly memorable moments that will take your mind off your poor, beat-up bod.
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Ok're stuck in bed hating life, but Planes, Trains and Automobilesbut at least you're not stuck with an insufferable and unexpected travel partner on a crazy diverted route home full of mishaps, disappointment and moments where things hilariously get too close for comfort!
The story of a forbidden epic romance during the most horrific passenger ship sinking in history will suddenly make your hangover seem small in comparison. Seriously...Jack could have fit on the headboard with Rose!
For every Disney flick that ever was, Aladdin will serve you best in your time of need. Finding a magic lamp, discovering there's a genie inside, and getting three wishes?! Sounds like your hangover dream come true, so live vicariously through the characters and you'll be better in no time.