Bill & Ted get a visitor in clip from ‘Bill & Ted Face the Music’

For the latest in the Bill & Ted franchise the two know they create the song that unites everyone, so instead of writing it, they travel to the future so they can ask their future selves what the song is. Also, their daughters use the time machine to collaborate with different generations of artists.

So we know the plot of the latest Bill & Ted, but how does it get going?

Well, the duo gets a visitor from the future. Unfortunately, the pals long term future advisor Rufus was played by George Carlin, and since he’s no longer with us, his daughter Kelly (Kristen Schaal) was sent. She takes them Back to the Future (lol) and Bill & Ted’s daughters (Samara Weaving and Brigette Lundy-Paine) know their fathers need their help.


‘Bill & Ted Face the Music’ releases in theaters and on-demand on August 28, 2020.