Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick Talk About ‘A Simple Favor’

‘A Simple Favor’ is a different film.

A thriller, but not serious, Dark but fun, a comedy but not laugh out loud obnoxious with the jokes, and that’s exactly what the stars and Director wanted it to be.

A mommy blogger named Stephanie (Anna Kendrick) becomes friends with a gorgeous but secretive mom named Emily (Blake Lively). The two hang out all the time but Stephanie doesn’t divulge any information about her life. Emily asks Stephanie to pick up her kid from school and then never shows to pick up her child. Has Stephanie ran off from the stress of being a mom, or did something sinister godown?

In the above interview, Paul Feig talks about his love for the genre, and Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively go more into the story, Anna tells us when she realized this was a serious movie with a comedy element, and then the two discuss what people will love about their film.


‘A Simple Favor’ releases September 14, 2018.