10 Box Office Flops That Were Major Hits Overseas

Films are big businesses and when a big budget flick fails with movie fans, movie studios can only hope their investment will come back with a nice return once it’s sent overseas. Check out these box office flops that turned out to be real winners when they were shown on the silver screen in foreign lands!

It's hard to have success with movie remakes, and Poseidon is no different. The capsized cruise ship odyssey didn't excite audiences, only pulling in $60 million. However, once it was floated to the rest of the world, the movie broke the $120 million mark with a more forgiving foreign audience.
Hayden Christensen doesn't have much pull at the U.S.box office anymore, and his 2008 movie Jumper is proof. Pulling in a paltry $80 million domestically, he found reprieve when the movie traveled overseas and grossed over $142 million. 
Movies based around water seem to have a running theme in box office bombing as seen from the release of Waterworld. The futuristic action-drama only saw $88 million come through the domestic box office, but overseas, the film brought in an impressive $175 million.
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Another remake gone wrong. The robotic law enforcer only grabbed $58 million at the box office, but made an impressive $184 million after its international release.
This movie was such a flop, we've all forgotten it only took in $131 million in US ticket sales. Thankfully it faired better on foreign soil with an international gross of $187 million.
John Carter seemed like a big fat flop from the beginning, and barely reached an audience when it hit the silver screen, pulling in a weak $73 million. However, the overseas audience loved it as proven by the $211 million in ticket sales. 

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This big budget action movie didn't get much love from American movie goers, raking in a pitiful $67 million at the box office. Once it was sent overseas, it got a second life with over $237 million in ticket sales.
It's hard to believe anything with Hugh Jackman would bomb at the box office, but Wolverine was definitely not a hit with movie goers. The film only made $53 million in US theaters, but overseas brought in $282 million. Wow!
By all accounts The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader was primed to be a box office smash, but flopped big time with only $103 million in box office sales, however once it sailed across the seas, it flourished with foreign audiences raking in $311 million.
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The $245 million in domestic box office sales, just missed breaking even with the $250 million budget, technically making this Pirate's movie a flop, but overseas the flick crushed it, earning over $804 million.