BOX OFFICE: Watching ‘The Watcher’

Sometimes it gets so hot during the summer, there’s nothing left to do but plunk down $8.50 to sit in an air-conditioned room with lights flickering on a wall. How else to explain the No. 1 film, “The Watcher,” which opened on more screens than any other film this weekend (over 2,700) and posted $9.1 million at the box office.

That’s a rare feat, since it usually takes at least $10 mil to crack the top spot, but the weekend’s other new fare (“Nurse Betty,” “The Way of the Gun“) debuted on about half as many screens as Keanu’s Killer flick.

Here’s a rundown of this weekend’s Top 10:

1. “The Watcher” ($9.1 mil, opening weekend)

2. “Nurse Betty” ($7.3 mil, opening weekend)

3. “Bring it On” ($6.5 mil, $44.5 mil overall)

4. “The Cell” ($3.5 mil, $51.2 mil overall)

5. “Space Cowboys” ($3.3 mil, $78.8 mil overall)

6. “What Lies Beneath” ($2.9 mil, $142.5 mil overall)

7. “The Original Kings of Comedy” ($2.5 mil, $32 mil overall)

8. “The Art of War” ($2.4 mil, $25 mil overall)

9. “The Way of the Gun” ($2.2 mil, opening weekend)

10. “Highlander: Endgame” ($2.2 mil, $9 mil overall)