Brendan Fraser is Shooting Straight for ‘William Tell’ Movie

Brendan FraserThe timeless story of William Tell. One that has lasted for centuries, and changed many lives along the way. We all remember it well… William shot an apple off his son’s head with an arrow. And…

That’s pretty much it. Not exactly a story, more of a sentence. But more has been made from less, so it’s no surprise that Hollywood is making it a movie.

Starring in what is assumed will be a wholesome family adventure movie is the reigning champion of the king of wholesome family adventure genre: Brendan Fraser. Reuniting with Fraser for the film is Journey to the Center of the Earth director, Eric Brevig, who has worked in visual effects on a heap of awesome films since 1983—he gave our generation reason to believe in the magic of cupboardry (and a newfound admiration for Native American culture).

The writing team of Chad and Evan Law are working on the script for the William Tell film. Rumors have circled around the inclusion of Anna Paquin as Tell’s wife. Shooting will begin in March 2012. Movie, not arrow, shooting, that is.

Source: Indiewire