‘BrightBurn’ Trailer Makes An Evil Superhero Kid


If your name is James Gunn you probably aren’t a fan of superheroes.

After his much talk about firing from Guardians of the Galaxy, he’s probably honestly fed up with superheroes and a little mad. If you’ve ever seen a non-Guardian movie of Gunn’s, he excels at horror (Slither), and he’s great at doing not the average original superhero (Super), so why not combine the two and get some frustrations out.

‘BrightBurn’ is the story of a couple (Elizabeth Banks and David Denman) who can’t get pregnant when one day a spaceship crashes into their barn holding what she’s always wanted, a baby. Slowly as the kid grows up he starts figuring out he’s different and might have powers. Now you might be saying “Isn’t that the exact beginning of Superman?”, and I’d say yes it is. Things are different with this super child. This child continues to want to return to the spaceship he came in, continues to draw mysterious symbols, and has an evil lurking in him.

Superhero horror is not a genre I would have thought of but man am I looking forward to this one.


‘Bright Burn’ releases May 24, 2019.