Bruce Willis Is Justice In ‘Death Wish’ Trailer


Fathers would do anything to protect their family.

Dr. Paul Kersey (Bruce Willis) is a surgeon who is also a father to a daughter (Camila Morrone) and husband to his wife (Elisabeth Shue). When his wife is killed during a home robbery and his daughter is seriously injured, Kersey feels like many people in this situation before. Helpless and mad he wasn’t there to protect his loved ones. He takes it one step further and vowed to extract revenge. Kersey turns into a vigilante killer going out and hunting for the assailants. When he meets a young boy in the hospital he tries to help his situation, and quickly the media asks is this man a hero or a villain?

The film is directed by Eli Roth and is a remake of the 1974 film of the same name starring Charles Bronson (and according to IMDB has a young Jeff Goldblum as freak #1). Willis is the perfect lead and Roth can take this idea into unknown levels of violence and justice.


‘Death Wish’ releases March 2, 2018.

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