Bryan Cranston Cast As Zordon, But His First ‘Power Rangers’ Role Was Way More Hilarious

Bryan Cranston has picked up a rather unique role after his amazing performance of Walter White in Breaking Bad — he’ll be Zordon in the new Power Rangers movie. This might be sort of a different role for the star, who we never pictured playing a floating head in a hokey kid’s franchise from the ’90s, but Cranston keeps it real.

Cranston wasn’t always “the one who knocks.” At one point he was a struggling actor who nabbed some voice over work for Saban Entertainment, the company behind Power Rangers. Since he had been working for Saban for years, by the time Power Rangers came around, he was already a revered member of the team, and Saban threw him a little nod in the new series. They named Blue Ranger, Billy Cranston, after the star, and he even played a villain or two on the series.

Want to see how awesome Cranston was as a metallic, space-aged villain? This video below is a must. Seriously, we can’t stop laughing. From this to an Emmy, Cranston has done it all.

He also played a chubby dinosaur, alien thing in the series.

Brilliant work, Cranston. This is what should have nabbed that Emmy. Who knew the Breaking Bad actor was bad all along?