Buoyed by Twitter, Paranormal Activity Expands Nationwide

The people have spoken. Thanks to a grass-roots campaign led by ordinary citizens from across the country, stubborn Paramount execs have bowed to public pressure and granted the low-budget supernatural thriller Paranormal Activity the wide release it so richly deserves. In a rare victory for the principals of democracy, the studio suits made good on their promise to open the movie nationwide if they received at least one million requests to do so. That’ll teach those pompous Hollywood fatcats to deny the will of the people!

But it wasn’t just average people who came to Paranormal Activity‘s aid. Celebrities chipped in as well, utilizing their favorite communications medium — Twitter — to help spread the word. Below are actual Twitter posts from just a few of the big names who heroically donated their time for the sake of this brave little movie:


David Spade (Grandma’s Boy, Racing Stripes, The Emperor’s New Groove)

davidspade  too scared to see paranormal activity. not normal when i poop pants 


Soleil Moon Frye (Punky Brewster)

moonfrye  Just saw #Paranormal Activity Very freaky! Creepy! Good cuddle flick. I held my husbands arm for most of the movie. 


James Kyson Lee (Heroes)

jameskysonlee  Had rollercoaster mind orgy with Paranormal Activity last nite… medulla sacks still sore


Kurt Loder (MTV)

MTV ‘Paranormal Activity’: Fright Nights, By Kurt Loder http://su.pr/23VabI 


CobraSnake (Famous Party Promoter)

thecobrasnake  If u wanna get scared and piss ur pants see paranormal activity http://bit.ly/2KPSf1 


Danny Wood (New Kids on the Block)

dannywood  Movie tip. And you have to google were it is playing. “Paranormal Activity” scariest movie I have ever seen. Spine chillingly awesome.


Michael Yo (Chelsea Lately, Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami, Yo on E!)

yomichael  Check it out So SCARY!@Yomichael Hi Yo! Help me get 1 million demands so PARANORMAL ACTIVITY can open nationwide! http://tinyurl.com/lyvsuw  


Kat Dennings (The House Bunny, Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, Shorts)

OfficialKat  Horrendous nightmare after watching the Paranormal Activity trailer…I think I’ll go put my face in a bunny rabbit for the rest of my life 


Jordin Sparks (American Idol)

TheRealJordin  Just saw Paranormal Activity..it was really good but IT WAS SO SCARY! Omg. I don’t know how I’m going to sleep tonight. Omg. Omg. 


Spencer Pratt (The Hills)

spencerpratt  RT @ParamountPics: Paranormal Activity coming to 20 more cities! Is it coming to yours?! http://bit.ly/j7L5q I heard this is SCARY! DEMONS! 

Wow! Such honest, unsolicited endorsements from so many esteemed representatives of the entertainment community are more valuable than gold!

So take the advice of funnyman David Spade and famous party promoter CobraSnake: If you’re looking for a foolproof way to soil yourself this weekend — and who among us isn’t? — then go see Paranormal Activity!!!