Bye, Bye VHS Tapes! The Very Last VCR Ever Will Be Manufactured This Month


It’s 2016 and VCRs are still being made. That’s right — you can get a brand new VCR from the VCR factory in a year where most people download their movies. Where do you even get VHS tapes now that Blockbuster is out of business? 

If you’re a fan of VHS tapes (maybe you like fuzzy, non-HD video, maybe you enjoy wasting countless minutes of your time rewinding them) other than questioning your life choices, you should probably be stocking up on some VCRs right now. The last manufacturer is halting production this month.

Japanese company Funai Electric Corp was the last manufacturer of videocassette recorders after their competitor, Sony, stopped making them last year. Funai mostly sold them under the brand name Sanyo, and you’ve probably seen them floating around for pretty cheap at Best Buy or FYE. Your younger cousin might have even asked you, ‘Hey, what’s that old-timey device for? It plays moving pictures? Why didn’t you just watch YouTube?”

The company shipped a whopping 750,000 worldwide just last year. We can’t even imagine 750,000 people who’d want a VCR, but apparently they did. So what happened since then? The parts were difficult to obtain and people really, really don’t want them now. In 2015? Maybe, but you’d be caught dead with one of these things in 2016.

Now, everyone, it’s time to morn the loss of all the amazing things from our childhood, like using actual maps on family car rides and not being cyber-bullied on Twitter. RIP, tape machines. You’ll be…missed?

Yeah, we’ll definitely miss this: 


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